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  •     After bo air blower factory co., LTD35Years of efforts to develop,Has now become a production representative in small and medium-sized enterprises of the country's medium-sized manufacturing enterprises。The company mainly produces mine fan、For mine fan、Axial flow fan、Centrifugal fan, etc。Products are widely used,The boiler drum、The wind、Workshop、Theater for air ventilation、The textile axial flow、Chemical explosion venting、The gas pressure ventilation 、Ventilation of industrial kiln;Metallurgy、Colored、Gold、Building materials and the nuclear industry and other mine main fan、Auxiliary fan、Local fan ventilation and tunnel ventilation;Coal mine main fan、Can use my company's products by local fan ventilation。And won second prize、Coal and MeiKe production license issued by the institute、Appraisal certificate andMAMark。

The name of the company:Zibo air blower factory co., LTD
The company address:Shandong zibo zhoucun district
Contact phone number:13169821111
Company website:
The zip code:255000
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