About us
  Huaian gold Cheng packaging co., LTDIs a has more than ten years experience in production and processing,Specializing in the production of aluminum cosmetics packaging manufacturers。Our main products,All kinds of electrochemical aluminium cosmetics cream bottle cap and supporting、Perfume bottles、Electrochemical aluminum decorative gold ring、Hardware salt pieces, etc。
  We in line with high quality.Service.The production of innovation.The business.Design concept,Make our products to win the praise of customers at home and abroad especially the Europe and the United States and the Middle East customers。We firmly believe that:High quality products and perfect after-sales service will bridge of friendship for us,Make our common development,Grow!We will warmly welcome customers at home and abroad friends to visit,Inspection,Negotiation!
Industry pioneer Brand extension20Years of above
Huaian gold Cheng packaging co., LTD. Was set up20Over the years,Adhering to the“People-oriented、Science and technology innovation、Quality and efficient”The concept of development,Take the market as the guidance,Take the customer as the center,Driven by innovation。
Advanced technology Product excellence
Has complete production and processing and testing equipment,Product research and development、Production、Installation and service in strict accordance with the whole processIS09001The quality system running under guarantee,The quality of each link has full traceability and can check。
Many varieties、Complete specification、Quality stability、Excellent service
We hope that by perfect design、Manufacturing、Testing and after-sales service,To ensure that each product in the application process make full use of various performance indicators,The high quality of products produced in accordance with international standards。
Brand advantage Worry-free after-sales
To create Cheng brand of gold。In line with high quality.Service.The production of innovation.The business.Design concept,To make our products has won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise,Especially the Europe and the United States and the Middle East customers。
What kind of perfume bottle has the collection value
  Each perfume bottles,Like a different story,Through design and perfume appearance to express flavourists designer's unique feelings.Design and decoration beautiful perfume bottles doomed after a woman in a full bottle of perfume has special significance.Let me
Golden Cheng introduce to you a perfume how to save it?
1.Perfume should be stored in a cool place,Avoid under the hot air and light,If put perfume at high temperature,Can make changes color and fragrance perfume,If you want to save the perfume for a long time,Perfume can be use outsourcing paper bag,Put in the refrigerator cold storage
Perfume before、In the、What do you mean after tuning?
  When each perfume fragrance in the introduction,Will indicate the former、In tune、After the tone,Then,Do you know what is of its scent、In tune、After the adjustment?  First, for example,For example, sandalwood,It is a very lasting fragrance,At first, and smell
Golden Cheng how should tell you perfume gush
  How to use perfume actually want to pay attention to methods,I just can not buy spray randomly。Many women buy expensive perfume but I don't know how to use,Lead to perfume in vain,Others will feel asked in a peculiar smell,Exactly how to use perfume,
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