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The ground  The address:Chengdu people's south road three sections16Forensic floor(Huaxi campus of sichuan university west campus forensic floor9Floor)  
The electricity  Words:028-85501557  
Hand  Machine:13551176778 
Mail  Make up:610041   
Clinical、The pathological identification(Disability identification)The phone:17608016401
Call for toxicological analysis:028-85501636
The judicial spirit calls:028-85502643

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Remittance or transfer accounts
China construction bank:
6227 0038 1107 0183918 Liao Miao
Industrial and commercial bank:
6222 0244 0203 1726676 Liao Miao

    Sichuan huaxi forensic medicine appraisal center is sichuan university in sichuan province judicature bureau registered professional appraisal institution,Based on forensic medicine at sichuan university。Collection of forensic medicine identification、Scientific research and personnel training of the trinity。Is the national key disciplines,The ministry of education of institutions of higher learning forensic professional teaching steering committee, director of the committee member units,International society for forensic genetics, director of the Chinese branch of member units(ISFG),The Chinese society of forensic forensic evidence, director of professional committee member units。Is an important training base for national forensic medical professional talents,Has perfect professional undergraduate course of forensic medicine、A master's degree、Dr、Postdoctoral senior talent cultivation system。
    This center is officially registered by sichuan province judicature bureau has the qualifications of independent legal is also the appraisal institutions(The judicial identification of license:510006003),The accrediting commission for conformity assessment in China national laboratory accreditation (The certificateNo. CNAS L4691)、Approved inspection agencies (The certificateNo. CNAS IB0224)And the national laboratory certificate of qualification,Forensic appraiser training base in sichuan province。Appraisal work began50S,Adhere to the science in the appraisal、Objective spirit。Appraisal report at the national level have legal effectiveness,International recognition。
As a legal person entrusted
The bloodAndBlood
Identification of samples is confidential
Individual entrusted
Oral swabs
Identification of confidential
Induced labor organization
Identifying information confidential
Sperm and semen
Appraisal results confidential
OrganizationBonesAndThe other
To protect the ownership of the client

. I center《Forensic science》For class in satellite for class online

. I center《Forensics》Resource sharing courses in love online line

The center to the university of cologne, Germany and cooperative communication institute of forensic science

The first26By the international society for forensic genetics2015Years8Month31Solstice9Month5In Poland Krakow

The first25By the international society for forensic genetics2013Years9Month2Solstice6Day in Australia Held in Melbourne

. I center director professor yi-ping hou participating in drafting the paternity test standard《GA/T 965-2011 Forensic scienceDNAPaternity test specification》Has been published

Xi 'an jiaotong university forensic experts into the center of my professional communication

Sichuan province forensic institute of forensic science 12 paper exchange meeting was held in huaxi campus of sichuan university

The ministry of justice judicial authentication forensics laboratory cheng-tao li, deputy director of science and technology institute professor in communication to our center

. “The poison(Medicine)Objects within the process and metabonomics international BBS”Was successfully held

. Sichuan university of forensic medicine as the national key disciplines

Lord I centerRen Hou a flatInternational forensic genetics institute professor, chairman of the Chinese branch

. Sichuan university
. Judicature bureau of sichuan province
. Conformity assessment of China national approval committee
. Forensic society of China
. International society for forensic genetics

Address:Chengdu people's south road three sections16Forensic floor(Huaxi campus of sichuan university west campus forensic floor9Floor)
The phone:028-85501557 028-85501559 A mobile phone:13551176778 18982274345

Clinical、The pathological identification(Disability identification)The phone:17608016401;Call for toxicological analysis:028-85501636;The judicial spirit calls:028-85502643
Zip code:610041 E-mail: