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  Sue chemical group is a basic chemical、Fine chemical industry、Agricultural chemicals、Medicine and chemical industry as the main development goals,With scientific development and technological innovation strength,Continuously improve product added value of new modern enterprise,Is the collection production、The scientific research、Investment、Trade、Real estate leasing is a body comprehensive large enterprise groups,Formed a center、Four production base,With three sino-foreign joint ventures。

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Group dynamics

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Group party committee election at expiration of office terms work research deployment

  Group company and affiliated party committee the basic-level party organization since the last election,Brought about major changes on the area adjustment and personnel。According to the《The articles of association of the communist party of China》、《The interim regulations on grassroots organizations of the communist party of China the election work》The relevant provisions,Decide to make changes a re-election this month。

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Production base

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Zhangjiagang base


Xuzhou base


Xi 'an base


Central base