About above the hills

Nantong above the hills machinery co., LTDLocated in the shore of the beautiful and richly endowed jianghai、China historical and cultural city、The hometown of the crankshaft production throughout the country—Jiangsu haian。The company has three branch—Casting branch、Branch of the crankshaft、Nc machining branch。

My company is a company specializing in the production、Processing of ductile iron castings of high-tech enterprises,Companies registered capital300Ten thousand yuan。Company existing staff138People,All kinds of technical management personnel31People。Factory covers an area of a enterprise15000Square meters,Total value of assets3600Ten thousand yuan。Enterprise ductile iron castings production capacity per year6000Tons,A car、Agricultural machinery parts machining products sales2300More than ten thousand yuan。The company now has a professional crankshaft machining production line。The company is the horse engine(Shandong)Co., LTD., the sole supporting enterprises、Annual quality spot checks are ranked first。The company isThe horse engine(Shandong)Co., LTDHigh quality suppliers and business partners。“Above the hills”Crankshaft as well as guangxi yuchai(Have succeeded)、Shandong wind、Domestic well-known enterprises such as jiangsu Chang Xing matching。

2013To begin,Company assist in nantong chang PuRan cooperation with Beijing research and development,Based on the original casting and processing production technology,High-speed railCRH380Brake piece of steel back and floating steel support professional production line。Throughout the year2015Beijing PuRan smoothly through the China railwayCRCCCertification,For high iron brake piece localization took a solid pace。Nowadays the high ironCRH380Brake parts(In addition to the powder metallurgy friction、Spring)Production line has begun to take shape,Design production capacity of1All set/Month。

Company cooperate with ningbo ou yi company,In nc machining production line production of hydraulic motor、Pump body parts are exported to the United States、Germany、The Netherlands、Italy and other countries,Product sales2000More than ten thousand yuan。

The company has a complete、Science、Strict product quality control system,Constantly use new technology、New technology to improve production equipment and process capability。Stick to it“People-oriented”The management idea,Constantly improve the operation skills of the staff members and ideology。The company through the second party audit the horse Japanese company、ISO9001Standardization of quality management system certification and safety review。Main testing equipment before the furnace thermal analyzer、Platinum germanium-Platinum molten iron analyzer、Hot metal electronic said、C……